How to get Credit for your car?

Thanks to hundreds of financial companies that exist today in the Spanish and international markets, you can get a loan for your car, your vehicle being the only guarantee. In order to apply for a loan or credit using your car as collateral or guarantee, you must meet a series of requirements, which may vary by company.

Many financial companies can offer you many financing options if you give your car in return as collateral or guarantee, but, always from our company, we advise our clients to review in detail each of the terms and conditions offered by each of the financial companies and credit.

We can always offer you the best financial companies

We can always offer you the best financial companies

But, thanks to our platform that is the most modern in the market you can find the best offers at the moment only by providing your personal data.

In Spain because we have agreements with the best lending partners. To do this, you just have to visit our official Good Finance website and select the amount of money you need and the credit repayment term, we will take care of the rest.

We will always look for the best solutions for each of our clients. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to find the best offer. But, we can guarantee that our lending partners always have the best contract terms and conditions.

Good Finance’s financial services are used simply and conveniently as follows:

  • Enter our website.
  • Complete on the online platform with your personal data on how much money you need and the credit repayment term.
  • We will find the best offers from our lending partners based on the personal data that you have previously provided.
  • You just have to sign your contract with the lender that suits you best.
  • Receive the money you need in your bank account.

Requirements you must meet for credit for your car

Requirements you must meet for a credit for your car

In order to receive credit for your Good Finance car, you must meet a series of requirements. Our financial advisors offer you the essential requirements below, in order to obtain a loan for your car.

  • Be of age or in many cases be over 21 years of age and not be over 70 years old.
  • Have a legal residence in Spain.
  • Have a valid identity document that can be DNI or NIE.
  • Have an operational bank account in Spain.
  • Have a phone number.
  • Have a demonstrable income apart from offering your car as a guarantee or guarantee.
  • Having an endorsement, though, this does not apply in most cases.

It is not an easy decision to request credit for your car with a financial institution, but we know that if necessary it is better to be clear about the conditions offered by each of the lending partners. Rest assured that in Good Finance, you can always find the best financial services in the sector.

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February 9, 2020